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Spinal disorders affect all age groups from birth to the elderly. Spinal disorders are very common and affect millions of people. There are multiple causes affecting the spine, apart from the natural age related wear and tear changes.

Any spinal problem needs a through clinical evaluation by a spine specialist to decide an appropriate treatment choice. The experienced team at MedSpine will help you understand your spinal problem and guide you on the right path for recovery.

Our Mission

A Spine Surgery practice that involves integrating cutting edge technology, personalised patient care, minimally invasive techniques and patient education to achieve optimal outcomes and improved quality of life.

Our Vision

Using the principle of “Minimal surgery for Maximum results”, the Medspine team endeavours to provide state-of-the-art spine care to each patient with a collaborative multidisciplinary approach and unwavering dedication to restoring mobility, function and quality of life.

Our Expertise

Spine related problems are associated with numerous misconceptions and fears that lead to anxiety and confusion. Terms like herniated disc or Spondylosis are often used as reasons for lower back pain.  It is our constant endeavour to educate our patients  and their families in the spine clinic about the spinal problems and help them to choose the best option from an entire spectrum of nonsurgical and surgical options including minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgery. 

Dr Phani Kiran S is a practicing Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon in Chennai for the past 10 years. He is trained in one of the top three medical colleges in India and has multiple fellowship training’s in Spine surgery from reputed centers in India as well as abroad.


Experience and Professionlism

Founder – MedSpine, Minimally Invasive Spine Care 

Lead & Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon, Institute of Advanced Spine Sciences, Gleneagles Health City, Chennai.

With years of experience in spine surgery, Dr Phani Kiran SSenior Consultant Spine Surgeon will assess you and suggest the treatment option that is right for you.

We at MedSpine clinics, understand the importance of educating all our patients about the spinal problems and the most effective ways to take care of their spine.

Dr Phani Kiran S

Dr Phani Kiran Surapuraju has been a merit student throughout, with top ranks in medical, PG and national fellowship entrance exams. He completed his basic training in Orthopaedic surgery at one of the best medical colleges in the country(MAMC, New Delhi) in 2006. He then worked as a Senior Resident at one of the busiest government hospitals in the country for three years. He obtained advanced fellowship training in Spine Surgery at MIOT hospitals, Chennai and was certified as Fellow of National Board(FNB) in Spine Surgeon in 2012 by the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi.

He underwent further training in scoliosis correction surgery at Hong Kong University in 2012 and in management of adult degenerative spine including revision spine surgery and endoscopic spine surgery at the University of Bonn, Germany in 2015. He has attended many AO Spine courses, national and international spine conferences to enhance his knowledge and skills in the management of spinal disorders.

He is a life member of the Association of Spine Surgeons of India(ASSI), Neuro-Spinal Surgeons Association of India(NSSA), Chennai Ortho Spine Society(COSS), AO Spine, Indian Orthopaedic Association(IOA), Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association(TNOA).

He has delivered guest lectures and is an active faculty at many conferences on topics related to spinal disorders. He has published articles in reputed spine journals and is a reviewer for the European Spine Journal for over three years.

He has gained rich experience in surgical and non-surgical management for degenerative, traumatic, and infectious conditions of the spine as well as spinal deformities and spinal tumours. He is one of the pioneers of Endoscopic Spine Surgery in Chennai. Spinal deformity correction is one of his special interests as well.

He has grown over the past twelve years working as a Spine Surgeon at Gleneagles Global Hospitals and Health City, Chennai and now leads the Spine team.

Spinal Surgeon

Make right decision in consultation with an expert

Dr Phani Kiran S, Spine Surgeon in Chennai, will explain the problem in detail and discuss all the treatment options including conservative, interventional as well as spine surgery techniques available.

A decision is made after taking each individual patient’s considerations into account at the Medspine spine clinics.



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