Spinal Fractures & Spinal Cord Injuries

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    Spinal cord injuries are the most devastating type of injuries that can lead to severe permanent disability due to paralysis and loss of bladder / bowel control. Cervical spine injuries can be life threatening as the respiratory muscles could get affected. Prevention of spinal cord injuries is of utmost importance. Spinal fractures that are unstable need surgical stabilisation. Decompression of the neural structures at the earliest can improve the chances of recovery of spinal cord function.


    • Traumatic Injuries: Spinal fractures commonly result from traumatic events such as falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, or direct blows to the spine.
    • Osteoporosis: Weakening of the bones due to osteoporosis can increase the risk of compression fractures, particularly in the thoracic and lumbar spine.
    • Tumors: Cancerous tumors or metastatic lesions in the spine can weaken the vertebrae and increase the risk of fractures.
    • Pathological Conditions: Certain medical conditions such as bone infections (osteomyelitis) or metabolic disorders can also predispose individuals to spinal fractures.

    Dr. Phani Kiran S, specialist in Spinal Cord Injuries Surgery at Medspine in Chennai, with more than 10 years of experience.

    Types of ⁠⁠Spinal Fractures

    Stable Spinal Fractures

    Stable spinal fractures are vertebral fractures where the bones remain aligned and do not compromise the stability of the spine, typically managed conservatively.

    Unstable Spinal Fractures

    Unstable spinal fractures involve vertebral fractures that disrupt spinal stability and may require surgical intervention to realign and stabilize the spine.

    Spinal Cord Injury

    A spinal cord injury (SCI) is damage to the spinal cord resulting in loss of function, such as mobility or sensation, below the level of the injury.

    Rehabilitation for Spinal Injuries

    Rehabilitation for spinal injuries is a comprehensive process involving physical therapy, occupational therapy, assistive devices, and psychological support to promote recovery and adaptation.

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