Spondylosis: what does it mean?

Spondylosis is a broad term used to represent age related wear and tear changes that happen in the spine. Ageing of the spine happens in everyone after certain age. Genetic composition of each person decides the age of onset, extent and severity of this degeneration of spine. It initially starts in the discs of the spine and later on changes happen in the small joints, ligaments and bones if the spine. Gradually the alignment/curvatures of the spine undergo abnormal alterations and spine becomes less flexible.

Most of these changes do not cause any symptoms.

Most common symptom related to spondylosis is back or neck pain. Degeneration of disc and facet joints can result in compression if the nerves in the spinal canal and cause pain radiating down the legs (sciatica) or arms (brachialgia). Spinal canal stenosis is another result of severe spondylotic changes in the spine and can cause disabling neurological symptoms.

Although ageing can not be stopped or reversed, symptoms of spondylosis can be avoided or minimised by maintaining an active lifestyle, following certain postural precautions and regular exercise for strenthening spinal muscles.

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